2019 Membership Directory

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Photo of Jolly Automotive Services Ltd.

Jolly Automotive Services Ltd.

Contact: Neal Jolly
Business 2304 Hwy 12 Box 152 Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-484-5322
Categories: Automotive Service & Parts
Photo of Jolly’s Towing & Storage

Jolly’s Towing & Storage

Contact: Steve Jolly
Business 2304 Hwy 12 Box 152 Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-484-5800
Categories: Automotive Service & Parts, Towing


Photo of K. McKechnie Architectural Design

K. McKechnie Architectural Design

Contact: Kristi McKechnie
Business Box 570 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Business Phone: 705-689-9491 Website: http://www.kmckdesign.ca
Categories: Architectural Design
Photo of Kavanagh Plumbing & Heating

Kavanagh Plumbing & Heating

Contact: Terry & Susan Kavanagh
Business 127 County Rd. 46 RR#1 Oakwood ON K0M 2M0 Business Phone: 705-484-5811
Categories: Plumbing


Photo of Lagoon City Community Association

Lagoon City Community Association

Contact: Dawn Cox
Business 84 Laguna Parkway Lagoon City, Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-484-5689 Website: https://www.lcca.ca/
Categories: Associations, Community Group, Community Organization
Photo of Lake Country Airways

Lake Country Airways

Contact: Arnie Tate
Business Phone: 705-325-9838 Website: http://orilliaairport.ca/
Categories: Airports, Restaurants
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Lake Dalrymple Contracting

Contact: Tom Feltis
Business 8 Graham Lane RR #1 Sebright ON L0K 1W0 Business Phone: 705-325-6575
Categories: Construction, Contractor
Photo of Lake Dalrymple Resort

Lake Dalrymple Resort

Contact: Chris & Anna Michniacki
Business 230 Lake Dalrymple Road, Sebright, ON L0K 1W0 Business Phone: 705-833-2400 Website: https://www.lakedalrympleresort.ca/
Categories: Accomodations, Camps & Campgrounds
Photo of Lake Simcoe Septic Service

Lake Simcoe Septic Service

Contact: John and Susan Molloy
Business 2817 Furniss Cres. Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-426-5502
Categories: Septic, Septic Tank Installation & Services
Photo of Leatherdale Marine

Leatherdale Marine

Contact: John Higginson
Business 5571 Hwy 12 S Orillia ON L3V 1P4 Business Phone: 705-325-2249 Website: https://leatherdalemarine.com/
Categories: Boats, Snowmobiles & Small Engines, Marinas, Power Sports Distributor
Photo of Lewis Property Services

Lewis Property Services

Contact: Jeff Lewis
Business 6-87 Laguna Parkway, 2239 Ramara City Road Brechin, ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-505-1200
Categories: Landscaping & Property Maintenance, Property Maintenance


Photo of Mac Lang Chrysler

Mac Lang Chrysler

Contact: Marty Jenkins
Business 450 Memorial Avenue Orillia ON L3V 6V7 Business Phone: 705-325-1331 Website: https://www.orilliadodgechrysler.ca/
Categories: Automotive Sales, Automotive Service & Parts
Photo of Mangan Funeral Home

Mangan Funeral Home

Contact: Thomas Mangan
Business Box 590 332 Osborne St. Beaverton ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-484-0998 Website: https://www.manganfuneralhome.com/
Categories: Funeral Services
Photo of Marabrek Renovations

Marabrek Renovations

Contact: Walt Meyers
Business Box 222 Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-484-0998 Website: http://www.marabrek.com/
Categories: Construction, Contractor, Custom Furniture
Photo of Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey

Contact: Jan Holland
Business 4130 Bayview Avenue Ramara ON L3V 0S2 Business Phone: 705-325-3051 Website: https://delreymarina.com/
Categories: Marinas
Photo of MAX-FM 89.1 c/o Bayshore Broadcasting (Sunshine 89FM)

MAX-FM 89.1 c/o Bayshore Broadcasting (Sunshine 89FM)

Contact: Rob Wiltshire
Home 490 West. St. N. Suite 2 Orillia ON L3V 5E8 Business 270 9th Street East PO Box 280 Owen Sound ON N4K 5P5 Business Phone: 705-325-9786 Website: http://www.sunshine89.ca/
Categories: Media
Photo of Men in Kilts

Men in Kilts

Contact: Derek Kerwin
Business 30 Frontier Ave Orillia ON L3V 7S8 Business Phone: 1-800-777-KILT (5458) Website: https://www.meninkilts.com/orillia
Categories: Cleaning Services, Lawn & Garden, Property Maintenance
Photo of Metalworks CNC

Metalworks CNC

Contact: Robert York
Business 6984 Benson Rd, Ramara ON L3V 0K9 Business Phone: 705-242-3771 Cell Phone: 705-323-2862 Website: http://www.metalworkscnc.com/
Categories: Manufacturing
Photo of Molloy Enterprises Inc.

Molloy Enterprises Inc.

Contact: John & Susanne Molloy
Business 2817 Furniss Cres. Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Business Phone: 705-426-5502 Website: http://www.molloycustomhomes.com/
Categories: Builder, Construction, Developer


Photo of Ontario’s Lake Country

Ontario’s Lake Country

Contact: Kris Puhvel
Business 22 Peter St. S. Orillia ON L3V 7A3 Business Phone: 705-325-9321 Website: https://www.ontarioslakecountry.com/
Categories: Tourism, Travel